Featured Artist: Muris Halilović


"Inspired, to be Inspiring"

Meet Muris Halilović.  Multi-media producer, graphic designer, animator, storyboard artist—the list goes on and on.  Hailing from the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Muris shares his artistic journey with LLG’s Llucy Llong in an exclusive interview.

Production and digital art seem to go “hand-in-hand” for you.  Which sparked your interest first?


Well, I began to experiment with a variety of software during my high school years, scan various magazines and make picture collages—Having countless colors, and not paying for them.


At the Academy of Dramatic Arts, I began to study the production of theater, film, radio and television. Knowledge in all these areas has opened countless combinations and possibilities for diverse, creative work. Due to my passion for drawing, and I never saw myself only as executive producer, but as a creative producer as well. Today I have experience of working on television, in theater, on the festival, on the radio, in advertising agencies as a cameraman, editor, animator, graphic designer, and storyboard artist.


How would you describe the art scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina?


If there is an art scene in the country then it really has one foot in the grave.

Enough to say that in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the National Museum closed their doors, galleries and theaters are closing down—because of the specific political situation we find ourselves in a trap. Politicians are systematically and slowly destroying temples of culture and culture in the nation. So, we could say that there is no typical Art scene but some kind of a Guerrilla Art scene. Creative people are still fighting.  


What has been your proudest accomplishment so far as an artist? Why?


I am a person who likes to work with people of different profiles, and I love when someone's work inspires me to do something new, but I also like when someone tells me, “your work has inspired us to do something”. Working with musicians, making covers for their LPs, CDs, digital release, producing an artwork for the vinyl/ cd is like having an exhibition all around the world. In the last three years (having my regular job as a producer) I managed to create two CD covers, and about a dozen covers for vinyl records and a lot of digital covers. So I'm proud of this area of my creative work. 


Which artists/creatives have inspired you in your work?


Well, let me put it this way, Films like: Solaris, 2001 a Space Odyssey, American Astronaut, Brazil, Blade Runner, Twin Peaks… Books by Albert Camus, Eshil, Maupassant, Asimov…Comic books by Moebius, Enki Bilal….Music by Jeff Mills, Andreas Vollenweider, Dhafer Youssef, Boards of Canada, acid house, techno… Theater by Bob Wilson….Architecture by Lebeus Woods…People who run little creative shops in business…. 


Describe your art in three words.

“Out of box”


My favorite collection of yours has to be “Hannibal Underground”, which was inspired by artist, Fran Herbello.  It is so different from any of your other displayed works and even the inspiration, itself.  How did you end up choosing hands as the primary subject or this particular project?


I loved as a child to get fingers tangled and make strange shapes, and once I stumbled upon the work by F. Herbello, he was the trigger for me to make something of my own with the body shapes… so, I took various pictures of my hands/fingers creating self-portraits. I'm currently working on the development for the video version of the Hannibal Underground. The name was taken from a theater play "Hannibal Podzemni (Hannibal Underground)".  


What has been your favorite project, production or collaboration that you have been a part of thus far?


Hmm, probably "Divine shapes and Shadows" collection with Armin Sabic. He took the pictures of theater show while we worked as producer at International Theater Festival MESS, and a year later I have played a little bit with them.



Besides working on creative projects, Muris enjoys reading and is currently working on a few new ventures of his own including shooting a video for his Hannibal Underground project, a music video/illustrated story with singer-director, Cory McAbee.  On top of that, Muris is also working on a few short comic book series, including one with partner, Michael J. Anderson.


Be sure to visit Muris’ artist profile at: http://www.behance.net/muris

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